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Specifications for Glued-Laminated Wood Construction

Division 6

Glued-Laminated Timber-General

1. Code and Reference Standards:

AITC Timber Construction Manual, latest edition, “National Design Specifications For Stress-Grade Lumber And Its Fastenings.”  American Wood Preservers Association AITC standards reference this sheet.

2. Description of Work:

The extent of glued-laminated timber work is shown on drawings, either by terminology used in this specification or by the abbreviations as indicated.  Glued-Laminated Timber is hereby defined to include wood members fabricated from 1” or 2” nominal thickness lumber glued face-to-face with the grain of all laminates approximately parallel longitudinally.

3. Quality Assurance:


To comply with the “Structural Glued-Laminated Timber” ANSI A190.1-latest edition.


Provide factory-glued timber units, produced by a WCLIB/AITC licensed firm, qualified to issue the WCLIP/AITC “Quality Inspected” Mark.  Factory mark each piece of glued-laminated timber with WCLIB/AITC Quality Inspected Mark.  Place WCLIB/AITC Mark on timber surfaces that will not be exposed in completed work.

Manufacture of glued-laminated timber shall be by:

Arkansas Laminating, LLC
P.O. Box 669
Magnolia, AR  71754-0669

4. Submittals

Product Data.

Submit certification, indicating glued-laminated timbers comply with requirements of ANSI A190.1-latest edition.

Shop Drawings:

Submit shop drawings showing full dimensions of each member.  Indicate species and stress grade of lumber, type of glue, and other variables in required work.  Arkansas Laminating shall furnish four (4) sets of shop drawings for approval by the buyers approving agency.  The contractor shall verify dimensions and be responsible for coordinating same.

5. Materials


Comply with ANSI A190.1 and applicable lumber association standards cited therein for grades required to achieve glued-laminated timber requirements for allowable stress appearance, fabrication limitations and species.

Preservative Treatment. (option)

Where preservative treatment is specified or shown on plans, pressure treat lumber prior to gluing with Pentachlorophenol in mineral spirits in accordance with AITC 109 “Standard for Preservative Treatment of Structural Glued-Laminated Timber.”

Lumber Species:

Southern Pine


Adhesives shall be wet-use (waterproof) complying with ANSI A190.1.

6. Timber Design:


Provide sizes and shapes shown on plans and per industry standards.  Final cross sections will be based on manufacturer’s standards widths and depths.  Manufacturer to provide design values (stresses) to fulfill structural demand in accordance with applicable provisions of AITC 117 “Design, Standard Specifications for Structural Glued-Laminated Timber of Softwood Species.”


Except as otherwise indicated, fabricate horizontal load bearing members with a camber as shown on the drawings.

Steel Connections.

Provide fabricated steel connections to join laminated to laminated, and laminated to supports exclusive of items embedded in concrete or welded to structural steel or connected to stud walls.
• A.  Steel work to conform to A.I.S.C. Specifications.
• B.  Steel shall conform to ASTM A-36.
• C.  Bolts shall conform to ASTM A-307.
• D.  Shop paint fabricated steel with one coat of rust inhibitive primer.  Bolts are                                                                                                     
                       not shop painted with primer, but zinc plated.

7. Appearance Grade:

Provide Grade timbers complying with AITC 110.

Choose one of the following Appearance Grades.
• AITC Premium provides a smooth surface with few knots.
• AITC Architectural is suitable for applications where appearance is a factor; knot holes and loose knots over ¾ inches in diameter are not allowed.
• AITC Industrial can be specified when appearance is not a factor; for applications including floor beams, concealed construction or industrial installations.
• Rustique features a weathered, roughened surface that can be factory stained to provide a rustic motif; dark stains develop more uniform color.

8. Finish:

Factory applied penetrating sealer or factory finished with one (1) coat of Arkansas Laminating’s standard color selection stain.  Arkansas Laminating will submit samples of finish for approval.

9. Factory Applied Protection:

Immediately after end-cutting each member to final length, apply a saturation coat of end sealer to ends and other cross-cut sections.

10. Product Handling:

Schedule delivery and installation of glue-laminated wood members to avoid extended on-site storage.  Comply with AITC-111-”Recommended Practice for Protection of Structural Glued-Laminated Timber during Transit, Storage and Erection”.

Keep laminated wood members as dry as possible during all phases of construction.  If jobsite storage is necessary, place members on blocking away from ponding water and cover with a waterproof covering which will not allow ultraviolet ray penetration.

Time of removal of factory wrapping is optional, but it must be emphasized that factory applied wrapping provides additional protection from damage in handling and in-transit only.  If further utilization of the wrap is desired for protection after shipment, the members should be inspected and provided with additional protection as necessary.  If it is impractical to replace wrapping, ALL of it should be removed.  Do not leave members partially exposed due to potential sun bleaching.  Do not allow moisture to accumulate inside wrapping.  Do not remove wrapping on individually wrapped members until it will serve no useful purpose, including protecting from the weather, soiling and damage from work of other trades.

It is imperative that the field handling instructions sheet (white/red envelop) that comes with the material shipment be thoroughly reviewed before unloading.

11. Installation:

**Installation is not the responsibility of Arkansas Laminating, LLC.**


The anchor bolt settings and/or bearing elevations (not Arkansas Laminating responsibility) must be held within 1/8” of the dimensions shown on the shop drawings.

All members must be adequately braced until the complete structural system (all pertinent construction materials) has been installed.


Arkansas Laminating has more than seventy years experience in the business of furnishing laminated wood structures.

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